How to shed unwanted pounds | Weight loss tips

How to lose weight without starving yourself

Losing weight can be a nightmare you lose the weight and think you got this beat then 1 month later you put it back on plus some extra weight. How to shed unwanted pounds and keep it off, drink lots of water and eat lots of healthy fruits. Resist the temptation by throwing all your chocolate, candy and all the junk food in your kitchen in the trash.

Eat lots of healthy fruits like cherries, blueberries, ruby red grapefruit and peaches. If you’re thinking of taking diet pills, go all-natural do your homework because nothing but all nature, can make you gain more weight than losing weight. Most diet pills have chemicals in it that’s developed in a lab and your body can’t digest the chemicals the they end up in the fatty parts of your body and around your organs.

Three meals a day

Don’t ever try  starving  yourself because you won’t lose the weight actually you will gain more weight. By starving yourself, your body goes into a panic mode and instead of burning fat it stores it. Don’t skip a meal especially breakfast that’s the most important meal of the day. Try to eat a half of ruby red grapefruit before every meal, and stop drinking soda, instead  try mixing blueberries, cherries, and a few other fruits in a  blender and make a glass of juice and have that while eating your meals.

For a better prostate and loose weight

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The all-nature cure

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